Single Farmer Dating abroad

How to resolve the problem of farmer dating?

It is impossible to solve the problem of farmer dating with local resources in the US,Canada and even in European countries. Women are less numerous, are not heated by the farm work. The best solution for a single farmer is throufg an international marriage with a woman abroad. Women living in rural areas are more numerous, more familiar to work in the country, more interested in a traditional family.

Why to look for a Ukrainian or Russian woman or an African or Asian woman?

There are several reasons. Hereafter are a few of them:


Young Russian or Ukrainian women live in a social, historical and cultural environment similar to of our rural areas. This is also true for African or Asian girls and most of the girls and women living in poor countries. They are willing to leave their countries to get a better life.


Anybody knows about the legendary beauties of eastern women and it is true that there are beautiful women in Africa and Asia.


The thought that working in the rural and agriculture requires no education is false. In Ukraine for instance, the amount of people with higher education is over 37%. It is therefore very likely that your wife will be a doctor, agronomist, biologist or veterinarian.


They often speak English or French (especially in Africa).
Jelena Mi